Deep in the Caribbean

I took some time off my present project to do some experimenting with the ocean simulator in Blender. I also seized the chance to try a few things with the procedural sky texture in Cycles, which offers great possibilities for getting a nice looking sky without having to resort to real sky photographs. While doing my first tests, it occurred to me that it would be nice do a little homage to one of my favourite videogame sagas.

The most interesting thing about this scene, if you aren’t a 90s videogames nostalgic, is lighting. I haven’t used a single light source in this scene. Everything is lighted from the background texture.

Overall results might improve a lot when volumetrics materials finally make their way into Cycles. Some Cycles-rendered volumetric clouds would certainly be a nice touch. I’m eagerly awaiting that, and will probably do a re-render of this scene with volumetric clouds.

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