Last cog in the wheel

I’ve been away from the blog several days because of these two guys.

2 x Gigabyte GTX580 3 Gb

When I built my rig a few months ago, I did it with this future upgrade in mind. Two Gigabyte GTX580 with 3 GB of VRAM and 512 CUDA cores each. That is, enough raw power to render high definition photorealistic images at incredible speeds and make my power bill look like my payslip.

Curiously enough, these two beauties were designed for gamers, but in my case thanks to Blender they’ll be serving as a small render farm.

Open case

Now I only need to find a buyer for my PNY Quadro 4000. I wanted to keep it, but unfortunately I can’t fit it alongside the new GTXs. In case anyone is interested, you know how to contact me. 😉

PNY Quadro 4000

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