Old gamers never die

My generation grew up in places long gone, such as video and music stores, swept away by the digital tsunami. Nevertheless, of all those forgotten places, there is one in particular we seem to be bent on bringing back: the arcade gallery. A light, color and electronic melodies vortex to which eighties children and teenagers flocked hipnotized like moths flying towards night lights.

Recovering in our computers the games populating those galleries thanks to MAME was a first step, but still felt insufficient. Games felt incomplete without the atmosphere surrouding them. Probably things like iCade, or the Virtual Game Room by Microsoft exist for that very reason. The same reason why I didn’t find it strange when my brother told me he was building his own bartop cabinet.

When he said he was considering using the original Gradius marquee to decorate his cabinet, I told him I could create a custom marquee for him if he wished so. Once my brother gave me the custom text he wanted to appear on the marquee I applied myself to the task, and after some versions, suggestions and changes this was the final result:


And this is how the finished bartop cabinet looks like:



So here I am now, waiting for christmas holidays to pay a visit to my brother. 😉

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