Legend of the No Name Project

After my first experience designing and modeling a robot, and having learned from both mistakes and good choices made during that work, I decided to start a new long term project that will be centered around a new model I have been working on for a month already. I’m still considering several options for the name of this project, but until I make a final decision, I will call it No Name Project (not related to No Name City at all… or is it?).

The idea for this project came about while doing some lighting tests with a new Cycles material I was developing. At some point during testing it occurred to me that I could try to combine those tests with elements from my previous works into single render. I did a few imports and after some adjustments this is what I got:

I felt inspired by these results and definitely wanted to take the idea further, but I still had many doubts concerning my first robot design and felt hesitant to use it in larger projects. After some consideration, I began to sketch from scratch a brand new robot concept. After a few modeling sessions, I managed to get this:

Interestingly enough, I’ve found my comic style render technique to be an extremely useful and efficient way of getting fast and sofisticated previews. It’s a great complement to the use of matcaps for the creation of hard surfaces by means of subdivision modeling. By applying simple toon materials with basic colors to different parts of the object we are modeling, we can get a better feel for our model and the direction it’s taking.

After completing modeling stage, I have begun texturing and shading the model, using the material shown in the two first pictures in this article as a starting point.

Initial results look very promising, though there is still work to do. Patience…

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