[:en]What’s up, Doc?[:es]¿Qué hay de nuevo, viejo?[:]

[:en]Ironic as it might seem, the more things I have going on around me, the less inclined I feel to write. Early this year I was hired to create VFX for a short film, so time for my personal projects has greatly diminished. For the time being, I can’t show any of my work related […]

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[:en]Legend of the No Name Project[:es]La Leyenda del Proyecto sin Nombre[:]

[:en]After my first experience designing and modeling a robot, and having learned from both mistakes and good choices made during that work, I decided to start a new long term project that will be centered around a new model I have been working on for a month already. I’m still considering several options for the […]

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Trouble Ahead (June 2013)

Style turnaboutGiro inesperado de estilo

Some new basic shaders have appeared very recently in Cycles, and experimenting with them I found a different visual style for my robotic project. Here is the result. Muy recientemente han aparecido nuevos materiales básicos en Cycles, y experimentando con ellos he dado con un estilo visual diferente para mi proyecto robótico. Aquí está el […]

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