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Ironic as it might seem, the more things I have going on around me, the less inclined I feel to write. Early this year I was hired to create VFX for a short film, so time for my personal projects has greatly diminished. For the time being, I can’t show any of my work related to the short film, but I will do so when the time comes.  In spite of this, I’ve managed to make small advances in my Project with no Name.

Before polishing shaders in my robot, I decided to do some tests to the rig in order to make the character more easily posable. This render was the result of those tests:

Pose test

Some time later I used that same scene to create this render for one of Blendernation’s weekend challenges:

NPR version

I also found time to do some further detailing on the robot’s weapons:


Finally I decided to redesign for this project my first robot concept. My intention is to keep the original head and hands as they are and I have already remodeled both torso and waist. This is how the robot looks like right now:

Robot Torso WIP

And that’s all, folks. I expect to be finally able to publish my work on the short film in the comming months, but meanwhile updates here will be sparse. Sorry.

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