First things first

First things first. Every video worth watching should have a nice opening sequence. Toying with fluid simulator in Blender I found this cool effect that I’ve decided to adopt as an opening for my future videos.

At first I was bent on creating this effect by using obstacle objects with the shape of my text, trying to fill them with fluid. I made several attempts, but the results were kind of messy and not very good looking. So finding myself in a dead end with obstacles, I decided to explore the other types of fluid objects available in the Blender fluid simulator. That’s how I found out about control objects.

This kind of object is basically a fluid magnet that allows you to control, manipulate and give shape to fluids in your simulation. That’s the way I created the liquid text in the video.

Also, seeing that it was very easy to activate or deactivate control objects at any point during the simulation, I had the idea to let the letters dissolve by deactivating the control object before the end of the simulation.

For the time being, I think this will do. In the future I will probably try to polish lighting and materials in Cycles.

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